CakePHP Certification

Tier 1 - CakePHP 2 - Basic Certification

Welcome to the examination process to obtain your Basic Certification for CakePHP 2. You're just a short time away from becoming an officially certified CakePHP developer! Joining this certification program helps support the CakePHP project, and keep the framework ecosystem healthy.

The level of this certification is tier 1ยบ, which considers that you would be eligible to demonstrate a competent skill level using CakePHP 2, and have a base understanding of the framework.


This official basic certification provides a qualification for general knowledge and use of the framework, apt for anyone to evaluate the certified developer as having basic competence using the framework professionally.


If you choose to continue you will be presented with a series of 20 questions, some of which require you to input code examples. Please read the following points very carefully, as they outline the terms of the examination process:

  • You have a time limit of 60 minutes to complete the test, without the option to pause or restart
  • Each test is compiled from a random selection of questions within the tier of the chosen certification
  • Questions can be answered in any order, and answers may be modified before the test is over
  • If you answer all of the questions before the time limit is reached you may end the test manually
  • If you reach the time limit the test will end automatically, without the option to continue answering questions
  • If you have not answered all of the questions within the time limit you will automatically fail the test
  • If you fail a test you may attempt to obtain certification again with a newly compiled selection of questions
  • All questions must be answered correctly in order to obtain an official CakePHP certification
  • Every test is evaluated within 72 hours of completion, after which the result is communicated
  • The exam system is designed to be used on a desktop computer, at a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels
  • Tampering with the exam, or misrepresenting yourself, will cause revocation of your certification without refund

The certification provided upon successfully passing the test is recognized by the Cake Software Foundation.

Feel free to contact us if you have doubts regarding your test or the examination process itself.